• I Have This Great Idea

    I believe it was back in 2002 or 2003. Iím not entirely sure of the exact date because Iíve drank quite a lot since then. Notwithstanding the importance of the original date, my friend Randy Collins came to me and proclaimed that he had a great idea. He then proceeded to tell me of his dream to open a Blue Crew themed bar.

    Randy went into great detail of his plan to open a facility where the average fan could go at anytime and see what the rest of us had been seeing for years. He wanted the everyday fan to experience what it was like to tailgate with a good group of friends in support of their home team without having to designate all of the time and preparation it takes to prepare for a proper tailgate. The average guy could show up for the game, be it football, basketball, soccer or even Jai Alai, and be able to enjoy good food, a cold drink and the company of like-minded sports enthusiasts. I could see and feel the excitement pouring out of Randy as he described his dream. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning, not knowing which present to open first. This was a man with a passion and a specific goal to fulfill his dream.

    Ever one to be the supportive friend, I reminded him that he had no experience in opening, let alone running a restaurant. He was unfazed by that. I then relayed an old banking joke to Randy that went something like: ďDo you know how to make a million dollars in the restaurant business? Start with two million.Ē Nevertheless, Randy scowled at me and went on undoubted by my criticism of his idea. I never said that banking humor was funny.

    Randy, with the help of some friends and investors did put his dream together despite the advice of his cynical, evil banking friend and opened the Blue Crew Sports Grill in 2004. Randy poured his heart and soul and life savings into the Blue Crew Sports Grill trying to make it as successful as he had always dreamed. You couldnít find a better place to watch a game (of course unless you were there and you liked that sort of thing, I mean some people just donít like going to games and I canít really understand why because I really like going and..sorry, got carried away)!

    Unfortunately for Randy (and most of us too) the football season doesnít last all year. Times were tough when the Colts werenít playing and they eventually caught up to the Sports Grill. He had to close the doors on the Blue Crew Sports Grill for good in August. After his almost nine year run in the restaurant business, Randy admitted to me he finally got my joke.

    Although we say good-bye to the Sports Grill, another one of Randyís great ideas, the Blue Crew Fan Club itself marches on stronger and stronger every year. In fact, the fan club had grown so large over the years that we had to find a larger home for our tailgate party. You can now find the Blue Crew at our new location off of West Merrill Street on the west side of Lucas Oil Stadium. Ainít no party like a Horseshoe Party!

    So sayeth the Meanie